Vrisko Advertising Solutions Reports

Project Info

Vrisko Avdertising Solutions provides to thousands clients in Greece advertising solutions for their business. Those services include Website building, Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads and promotional campaigns on vrisko.gr, the leading Greek local search engine, all these services require significant amount of time to be able to track the performance of each one.

We developed a web application that integrates data from several sources to help the sales team of Vrisko.gr to track the performance of the advertising campaign for every client.  We gathered the most important data from all these sources in a single web application and present them in simple and user friendly way. This gives the benefit to the sales team to track much faster and easier the data for every single client.

The main features of these web application are:

  • Responsive and user friendly design
  • Cloud hosted application
  • Integration of Vrisko.gr ad reporting API
  • Integration of Google AdWords API
  • Integration of Google Analytics API
  • Integration of Facebook Marketing API
  • User accounts connected with client’s Active Directory
  • Several user roles with different access level in the system
  • Export reports in PDF format

Project Details

  • Web Application
  • UI/UX Design
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Cloud Based Solution

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